Discover the benefits of teeth whitening in Texarkana, AR

Are you tired of seeing stained, yellow teeth when you look in the mirror? It's time to regain your confidence with a bright, white smile. Randall A. Ellis DDS provides teeth whitening services in Texarkana, AR.

Over-the-counter whitening pastes and mouth rinses might be able to remove some of the stains on the outer layers of your teeth, but only full-strength teeth whitening agents can remove the intrinsic stains and microcracks in your enamel and dentin. Our dentist can apply a whitening agent to your teeth that will penetrate your enamel to reach the deep-set discolored molecules inside and leave you with a brilliant, shiny smile.

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4 good reasons to have a dentist whiten your teeth

Searching for a dentist that specializes in teeth whitening? Your search ends here. Randall A. Ellis DDS offers teeth whitening services in Texarkana, AR. Professional teeth whitening will:

  • Give you immediate results
  • Provide you with the most affordable procedure available
  • Boost your self esteem
  • Protect your teeth from damage
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